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The fall in the price of crude oil has significantly impacted the gross domestic product (GDP) and revenue streams of Nigeria. The key question for our economic situation is –

How can Nigeria develop a sustained strategy to facilitate the practical diversification of the economy by attracting intra-Africa and foreign investment alongside, non-oil export to strengthen, her economy?
Africa International Trade and Development Trust (AITDT) believe that a holistic approach that brings all stakeholders to a common platform is a necessary catalyst to diversify the economy. Hence, AITDT is organizing the Nigeria International Trade & Investment Conference (NITIC), June 13th – 15th, 2017. The theme is “Multiple Frontiers – moving away from oil”.

NITIC, 2017 is a three-day conference that will strengthen the positive contributions of international trade and investment in the non-oil and gas sector with specific focus on AGRIBUSINESS, MANUFACTURING and FINANCIAL SERVICES. 



  • Increasing the awareness of opportunities in the non-oil sector;
  • Creating an interface between local entrepreneurs, potential trade counterparts and investors;
  • Enhancing the potentials of local business to attract foreign partners;
  • Attracting investments of about USD20 billion  over a 4- year period;
  • Creating awareness of government policies for mutual access by local and foreign entrepreneurs ;
  • Promoting real sector economic dialogue and cooperation on relevant trade and investment context.


  • Increase the investment readiness of local businesses and foreign investors;
  • Participants would have walked away with strong expression of interest for effective post-conference interaction;
  • Improved export readiness of local businesses and access to market.